With over 20 years of experience in real estate,
we help professionals, business owners, and families achieve success in the great city of Philadelphia.


Whether you need help finding tenants, or are searching for a great home and superb service, Magella Management is here to help. Our experience, passion for real estate, and dedication to our customers sets us apart. Your comfort and satisfaction always come first. We’ve worked extensively with all types of people, businesses, and organizations across Philadelphia, and know what it takes to provide superb service.

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For over 20 years Magella has been working in Philadelphia, curating and developing the template for what has been the cultural shift in the cities burgeoning boroughs. Check out
our projects.


The real estate team at Magella has a combined 50 years of sales in and around Philadelphia. With a vast knowledge of what is, and what will be in the state of real estate – we will find you your forever home.


With over 65 properties in the metropolitan radius of Philadelphia, and over 200 long-term tenants, there is great a reason why our tenants stay with us and forego ever needing to own their own.